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First Aid Center, Baan Na School, Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchsima Province, Thailand. The completion of a new First Aid Center at Baan Na Primary School, Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchsima Province, sponsored by Boutique Group of Companies. The First Aid Center was completed in November 2009, with a budget of THB 1 million. The total area is 100 sqm., including 4 individual patient beds, a private clinic room and two toilets with showers for the patients. Summary: Baan Na School is located in the famous tourist destination of Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchsima Province, approximately 2 hours drive from Bangkok. Baan Na School is one of the main primary schools in the province with more than 500 primary school students from Grade 1-6. It also houses a nursery school within the same compound. The Managing Director of Boutique Group of Companies Mr. Prab Thakral led the initiative to build the new First Aid Center for Baan Na School. The old First Aid Center at the school was in a poor condition, and was not equipped to satisfactorily meet the basic demands of medical care of the students. Although the government provides monetary support for children’s education, food and uniforms, there are insufficient funds provided for the maintenance and construction of school facilities.

The decision by Mr. Prab Thakral to support the construction of the first aid center was critical for the school, as the majority of students do not have access to medical facilities in the immediate vicinity at an affordable price. Most students at Baan Na School come from low income families that rely on the school to provide medical support when required. In addition the Baan Na School’s new first aid center will provide basic medical care to the nearby residents. The First Aid Center was completed in memory of the late Mr. Ajit Singh Thakral, Mr. Prab Thakral’s grandfather. Mr. Ajit Singh Thakral was the founder of Thakral Group of Companies in Thailand with various successful business ventures and investments in Thailand since the early 1900s. His successful business legacy was continued later by his son Mr. Manmohan Thakral, currently a director and key advisor of Boutique Group of Companies. In addition to monetary support, Mr. Prab assigned his colleagues Mr. Sathit Seupsuk and Mr. Thitiphong Yordshewon from the construction team of the Boutique Group of Companies, to oversee the development of the First Aid Centre.Furthermore Mr. Prab Thakral and the staff of Boutique Group of Companies contributed to buy new sports equipment for the children, and various suppliers of the Boutique Group of Companies made contributions that were integral in the completion of the First Aid Centre. The Boutique Group of Companies is grateful to all stakeholders for their contribution and to the Baan Na School for the opportunity to contribute. Mr. Prab Thakral and Mr. Manmohan Thakral have pledged that the Boutique Group of Companies will continue to deploy CSR projects for the good of the community in line with its CSR vision.

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